Kaavin Vuokratalot Oy, owned by the municipality, has 107 rental apartments in Kaavi, mainly in the town centre, with some apartments in one non-urban area. Privately owned apartments and houses also regularly come on to the market, both for sale and to rent.

Properties and commercial premises for sale and for rent in Kaavi can be found at http://kiinteistot.kaavi.fi.

Kaavin Vuokratalot Oy

Kaavin Vuokratalot Oy, established in 1989, is a housing company owned by the Kaavi municipality. The company’s remit is to own, acquire, build, and rent out apartments.

The apartments owned by Kaavin Vuokratalot Oy are located in apartment buildings and terraced houses. 103 of the apartments are located in Kaavi town centre and 4 in the non-urban area of Retunen. The apartments range from 34 m² studio apartments to 96 m² four-bedroom apartments. The newer apartments have their own saunas, and some of the terraced houses have a fireplace. The three apartment buildings in located in Joutsenpolku 1 were renovated in 2011-2012. In 2019, the average rent per square metre is 10,31 euros, ranging from 8,60/m² to 10,99/m².

Summer residents

There are over 1200 secondary residences and summer houses in Kaavi.

Water supply point

Water for household use is available year-round from the water supply point in the vestibule of K-Market Timantti during the shop’s opening hours. In the summertime, water is also available from the air pressure locker at the ABC service station.

Links for summer residents

Kaavin Fysioterapia (Physical therapy)

Kaavin Insinööri- ja Kiinteistöpalvelu Oy (Building and renovation)

Savon Talkkaripalvelu  (Caretaker services, e.g. yard work, firewood, cleaning, and repairs)

Sonjan Kauneussalonki (Beauty salon)

Tietotekniikka Haatanen (IT)

Tomoro Ky, 045 239 7610 (Household appliance maintenance)

Voutilan tila (E.g. emptying cesspits, sale of firewood)

Technical services

The technical services are responsible for the built environment, town planning, land surveying, construction and monitoring, energy, water services, waste management, environmental monitoring, and the functionality of the municipal infrastructure.

Waste management

In the Kaavi municipal area, the waste management service is run by Jätekukko Oy. If you have questions on waste collection and transport, joining the waste management service, or billing, please contact Jätekukko customer service.

In issues regarding waste management monitoring and littering or fly tipping, contact the Kaavi municipality Environmental Secretary, tel. 040 172 3588.

Fire and rescue service

National emergency number 112

Kaavi fire station

In case of emergency, call 112. Information on emergency care

Building control

The building control service is responsible for the monitoring of construction, processing building permit applications, and advising on renovations and new construction.

Harbour and berths

The Kaavi harbour (adress: Harjulantie) has a guest dock, boat ramp, and a hydrant, as well as two gated docks.

Water supply plant and sewerage system

When you want to join the water supply plant and sewerage system, contact the municipal engineer (tel. 044 753 0287) while you are applying for building permits. Service lines will be built at the boundary of the property and contracts relating to the plant will be drawn up.

Inquiries regarding water quality: Koillis-Savon Vesi Oy, managing director Hannu Pirinen, tel. 040 660 9060.