Social and Health Services

Health services

Kysteri, Kaavi Health Center

Social services

The municipal social services encompass social work, child welfare, services for the elderly and people with disabilities, crisis services, guardianship for vulnerable adults, and rehabilitative job services.

The social welfare office is open only by appointment. Appointments are arranged with the employees, telephone hours for adult social services are Monday to Friday 9 am-3 pm and for child welfare Monday to Friday 9 am-11 am.

Social Ombudsman

The Social Ombudsman works within the social services in both the public and private sectors. If a client is unhappy with the service they have received, they can request the Social Ombudsman to work as a mediator. Advice, assistance, and following the progress of a client’s rights and status are also part of the ombudsman’s remit. Contact information:

Public Guardianship

The local register office or district court can appoint a public guardian for a person who is not able to guard their own interests or handle their affairs. The public guardian protects the interests of their client and represents them in matters which have been appointed to them.

Crisis Services

Emergency number 112

1. If a parent feels they are unstable and that they cannot manage with their children, they can call the emergency service (tel. 112), who will direct them to the appropriate professional service, e.g. the local emergency social services. Another option is to discuss one’s problems with a doctor, at the child health and maternity clinic, or on a helpline by telephone.

2. If a parent feels they might commit violence against themselves or their family, they must seek help immediately in emergency care or a crisis centre, or call 112 for help.

Finnish helplines are also available for free and can be called anonymously, e.g. Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto’s Vanhempainpuhelin, tel. 0800 92277.

3. If a violent situation is going on, call 112. Mother and child shelters are also available in many municipalities. The shelter in Kuopio (Lastentie 1A, B-door, 70620 KUOPIO) offers immediate round-the-clock crisis help, tel. 017 183 393.

4. If a mother suspects she is suffering from post-natal depression, she should contact the child and maternity clinic, her doctor, or emergency care. Peer support is also available by telephone, e.g. through the depression alliance Mieli maasta ry, tel. 050 441 2112.

5. When a family is in need of help at home (e.g. with housework), they can contact the social services or private firms that provide services. Family members, neighbours, or friends can also be of help, or at least be there to listen.

6. If parents need help with communication, they can contact the child and maternity clinic or other health care services, or organisations like Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto (tel. 0800 72277) or Naisten linja (tel. 0800 02 400)

The Finnish Association for Mental Health (tel. 09 4135 0501) has more information on mental health support in English:

7. Help for parents with their relationship is available at the child and maternity clinic. Counseling by telephone is available from Väestöliitto, tel. 0800 183 183 on Thursdays from 12.00-14.00.

8. Help with money troubles is available for free by telephone on the nation-wide Debt Line, tel. 0800 98 009, Mon-Fri 10.00-14.00

Kaavi Crisis Working Group

The crisis working group offers mental and spiritual help in the aftermath of an accident, sudden and unexpected death, suicide, or violent situation. The members of the group are employees of the health service, social service, youth services, or the local parish. They can be contacted through the health care service (tel. 044 717 1518) or the social service (tel. 040 700 2373).

Youth and Children’s Services

The primary task of Child Welfare is to have an effect on the conditions a child is growing up in and to support parents in the raising of their children. The aim is to provide adequate care and for children in all situations, even when the child’s parents do not have the strength for it, for whatever reason. Child Welfare works in co-operation with the day care service, health service, youth work service, school, police, parish, and different organisations.

Social Work

Adult Social Work

Adult social work refers to services provided by professionals from the social services. It includes guidance, assistance, and help with social problems, and other supportive measures meant to maintain and advance the safety and wellbeing of individuals and families.

Basic Social Assistance (Income Support)

Basic social assistance is the last-resort form of financial assistance. Individuals, whose income is not enough to live on, are entitled to basic social assistance, and it can applied for through Kela (in English:

Social Emergency Services

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Work

For mental health services, contact the service advisor for mental health rehabilitation (tel. 040 700 2373). For services for substance abuse, contact the adult social work service (tel. 040 535 4046). For psychologist services in family counseling, contact the child welfare social worker (tel. 040 518 9511).

Financial and debt advise in Kuopio

Pohjois-Savo Legal Aid Office, tel. 029 566 1072

Disability Services

Intellectual disability services

The purpose of special care provided for people with intellectual disabilities is to assist people with daily tasks, their personal livelihood and adjusting to society, and to secure health care, teaching and guidance, organising work activity and living, providing living aids, and any other necessary activity and care.

Different forms of intellectual disability services include work and daytime activities, supported living, supporting employment in the open labour market, care in facilities, family care, and living services.

Work and daytime activities

Daytime activities are provided for people with intellectual disabilities and mental rehabilitation patients is organised in the Kaavi activity centre from Monday to Friday for 6 hours per day. The activity centre also has a shop selling products made during the work activity, including rugs, printed t-shirts and pillowcases. Family care and living services are provided for clients with intellectual disabilities when needed. Institutional care and rehabilitation services are organised in the Vaalijala joint municipal authority.

Services for severely disabled people

The purpose of the services is to improve the means of people with disabilities to live and act as equal members of society, and to prevent and remove disadvantages and obstacles. Monitoring living conditions, providing necessary services, and supportive work are central forms of the services. Providing the services is based on an application signed by the client or their representative.

Services for the Elderly

Clients who need care are given support, help, and treatment in their homes for as long as possible, by providing housekeeping and necessary support services. When living at home is no longer possible, good individual care and rehabilitation is provided in family care, service housing, or a service centre.

Forms of the services for the elderly include service couselling, home care, intensive service housing, family care, support for informal care, transport and other support services, service vouchers for home and support services and for organising free time for carers, and waiting times for social services in accordance with the Act on the Care Services for Older Persons.